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National & Tennessee

National Campus Compact Benefits

The National Campus Compact was founded in 1985 and currently provides leadership for the civic purposes of higher education in affiliation with 37 State Campus Compacts. Please visit the National Campus Compact website at learn more about State Offices, resources, initiatives, bookstore, news, member information, events, jobs, and grants. Members of the TNCC are encouraged to take advantage of the National Office services listed below.

  • National Recognition for Community Engagement Efforts
  • Frank Newman Leadership Award
  • Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award
  • Leadership Award for Campus and Community Engagement
  • Media Attention and National Distribution of Campus Coverage
  • Development of Presidential Leadership
  • Annual Membership Survey Statistics
  • Policy Information
  • Legislative Advocacy and Action in Support of Campus Work
  • Key Resources to Boost Faculty and Staff Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Model Programs and Service-Learning Syllabi
  • High-Value Publications at a Discounted Price
  • Consulting Corps Program
  • Compact Current Newsletter

Tennessee Campus Compact Membership Benefits

TNCC provides the following federal, national, state, and on-campus professional resources and services:

  • Faculty service-learning curriculum integration training and professional development forums, conferences, workshops
  • Annual national survey statistics to document service activities and outcomes across the state to enhance national rankings
  • National recognition award opportunities for administrators, faculty and students
  • Customized on-campus technical assistance to guide practice and increase effectiveness
  • Research opportunities in the scholarship of engagement
  • Media attention of campus service activities that impact community and contribute to economic development
  • Initiatives through academic-community-business-government partnerships to better prepare students for the marketplace
  • Legislative advocacy in support of the civic purposes of higher education through national public service
  • Network resources of National Campus Compact and 35 State Campus Compacts to access best practice models